Monday, September 30, 2013

Computer Class Update: Week 2

Our first two weeks in computers have been spent learning about each other and the expectations for the computer lab/library.  It has been wonderful seeing the students again and reconnecting after the summer.  They are such wonderful children, I really enjoy teaching them all.

This past week we started our Commandments of the Lab project with the first through fifth graders.  The students watched a short video on the ten commandments, then we discussed how we also have commandments that we follow in the computer lab to keep us safe and to help us learn.  Here is the document we use with our Commandments for the Lab.

After discussing and reviewing the rules/commandments for the lab, each grade will be doing a unique project.
First Grade: Use TuxPaint to create posters of the commandments
Second Grade: Use ABCya Word Cloud to create word clouds about the commandments
Third Grade: Use Google Presentations to create a slide show about the commandments
Fourth Grade: Use Lucidchart to create mind map diagrams showing the commandments
Fifth Grade: Use Google Docs to write blog posts explaining the commandments.  After editing they will be posting these to the class blog.

We also worked on our typing in several of the classes.