Tuesday, May 17, 2016


By: Isaac

I would go to a beach filled island and stay for the whole summer. The island would have little dinos as room service and they would be as smart as humans and they would be cute. There would be a dinosaur park to visit, with water parks. There would be small towns  but they would have mini versions of the world's landmarks like the Statue of Liberty and the Leaning Tower of Pisa. There would be surfing  contests and the whole island would be solar powered and wind powered. You'd be able to get a dino friend that would give you a tour. And a movie theater that is free and it would have all the movies in existence with free popcorn. There would be a studio called mini wood where you can make your own movies for free. Would you go on this vacation?  

What A Summer

By: Marissa

What I would like to do for my summer vacation is to go on a cruise in Florida. When I first get on the big ship I will explore it. I’m sure I will see some of the Disney characters on the ship so I will get a picture with them. I will get my suit on and go swimming and go on some of the slides. There is a kids club that is on the ship as well. Later in the day I will go to the dance floor. I love so many songs so they might play lots of songs that I like. The ship has free ice cream that you can get when ever. I would get ice cream a lot. I love ice cream. When the sun starts to set I will so and look at the ocean, and see if I can see any dolphins. They always come out when the ocean is wavey. Then I would walk around the ship with my family. When I am done walking around and maybe playing I will go to bed and watch some tv till I get tired and fall asleep.

 When I wake up from all of that good sleep I will get off of the ship because we have arrived at our first destination. It is the Bahamas! It is so beautiful there. Nice blue skies. Beautiful palm trees. The smell of fresh coconut smoothies. It is amazing. The first thing I will do is I will Get my bathing suit on and go swimming in the ocean. I would love to find some pieces of coral that have broken of of the coral plant and have flown into the reef. I would also try to find some cool seashells and give some to my friends when I would get back home. I would still have some for me of course. Then Me and my family would go to a dolphin petting, kissing, feed, and do tricks with them. That would take about an hour s then we would go on a boat ride and find dolphins in the ocean that don't belong to the people that train them.Then at the end of the day we will get back on the big ship and go to our next destination. It takes the whole night and morning to get there.

Now it is morning and we have arrived. We are at disney's private island in Florida. There island is called Cast Away Key. They also have an ocean that you can go and relax, and swim at.They have so many activities that you can do. They are all so much fun. There is also free ice cream that you can get whenever you want some. When we are all done at the island we get back on the boat we will head back to where we came from and fly back home. We have to take two planes to get home and also to get to florida. That is what my favorite summer would be. What would your favorite summer be?

Going Camping

By: Alana

Every August my family and I go camping. Before we go camping, we have to clean the inside and outside of our camper. We can’t just go camping now, we still have to pack our clothes and food. I love to eat waffles and if you forget your bike you're doomed. Once we finish that we find a movie and hook the camper to the truck. Then we get in the truck and we’re off to Ludington it takes us about 3 hours, not including stops. Finally we get there. We usually stay there for 1 to 2 weeks. Ludington State park is super fun. There is so much trails and outdoor fun. We always bring inner tubes because we go down lazy river and at the end there's a big mouth that goes into lake Michigan and then we get off are inner tubes and swim. We also go to a sand dune island it's a huge island and when we get there we explore the dunes we get there by a boat. We pack a lunch and  on hot day then we have our lunch on the island and also swim. Its getting late in the evening so we head back to our campsite. When we get there we take are swim suits off and put jeans and a t-shirt on and bike a little on till it gets dark and when it gets dark we have a fire and talk and eat s'mores. When it's about 10:00 I get my bag full of conditioner, shampoo,body wash, towel, pjs and,a spongy.Then go shower and hop into bed. There's many more trails too. Do you go anywhere for summer vacation? Have you ever gone camping?

The Perfect Summer Vacation

By: Brooklyn

On my summer vacation we are going to Virginia Beach. I've been there before. This might be the 3rd time we have been there. Every time we go there, I eat my breakfast of Cinnamon Toast Crunch and a quarter of a cinnamon roll with a side of either pineapple or watermelon.

Then we go out to boogie board on the awesome waves. The water is usually cold and refreshing. We also float around on the small orange blow up boat. On the boat, we jump off and do a crazy cannon ball. We sometimes name the cannon balls funny names like “The Big One” and “Lots of Splashes” and things like that.

Once we are done swimming, we go somewhere to eat ( usually we eat pizza ). Then we go take a walk on the beach and watch the sunset. I love going to Virginia! What is your favorite place to go for the summer?

Aiden’s Summer Vacation!

By: Aiden, of course!

I Love  my summer vacation. I  visit my  Grandma  and Grandpa in Minnesota! I love to eat ice cream cake every day. I travel around  the world  to see many different places. I love to go to sunny Beaches.  I go to some of the state fairs, and I  also go to LEGOland. I like to go DisneyLand. I like the rides and the hotels. I love to go to Egypt to look  at the pyramids.  I go and look at the Eiffel Tower, too! Then I go hang out with my Friends.  I look at the leaning Tower of Pisa!  I do go to a water park.I am couch  potato for the rest of the time. I like my summer vacations!

What do you do for your summer vacations!

The perfect summer vacation

By: John

I want my vacation to be perfect. I want to go to a water park and go to the Mall of america.    Also I will go and visit my grandma and grandpa. I will go fishing there and swimming.It will be ride on the golf cart. After that I want to go to Disney world after that I will go to three more water parks and then I will go home and have a lot of play dates!  After the play dates, I will just hang around the house until it is my birthday and that will be fun! After that it is back to the seven coolest hours of our lives, which spells school! Do you like school?

A Real Life Crazy Summer Vacation

By: Elizabeth

The craziest summer vacation I am going to tell you about is when I was in my camp, Camp RKD. It all started when I went to the beach. I was on my way with my friends. We were walking one day, when we saw a very big and steep hill. My friends and I decided to climb it, then run down. If we tripped or fell we would fall on sand, so we wouldn’t get hurt. We climbed the very big and steep hill. Once we got on top of it, we saw that we were super high up, but we went down it any way. I was the last one to go down the hill. When I went down the hill I tripped, slipped, and fell down that hill. While I fell down the hill, I rolled and rolled, and then when I got to the bottom I stood up and fell again because I was so tired and dizzy. After that, everyone laughed,even me. Then all us went back to our camp and went to sleep immediately.

What is the craziest summer vacation you have ever had?

My Perfect Summer

By: Eden

If I could plan my vacation it would be perfect. I would go to Hawaii and rent a beach house. We would go swimming and surfing every day but I would have to learn how to surf. I would have to bring my dog and cats, too. After we go swimming, we would get ice cream. I would get mint, my mom would get banana, my dad would get vanilla, Cora would get birthday cake, and Ivy would get superman. After that, we would go home to our beach house and watch Home the movie and have popcorn and candy.

In the morning we would get packed to go home.We would get 5 tickets to the airport and go to our real home.    What will you do on your summer vacation?  

Thursday, November 19, 2015

I am Thankful Presentations

The 2nd-4th graders have been spending November exploring things we are thankful for.  Here are the presentations they have created:

2nd/3rd Grade Presentation
4th Grade Presentation