Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Going to China

By Luke

First I will go to China because I like Chinese food. I will name some of the foods I like. They are noodles, shrimp and chicken. The people who would go  with me are my brother, my sister, my mom and my dad. What will I do there is go to a karate match.  That is where I will go.  

chinese food

Where would you go?

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I would go to Israel to see the cool things there, like go see the place where Jesus was born and to learn more about the Jewish people and how they live. I would bring my family and a friend. I would learn a lot about how people live and do things. I would also go there to learn more about God and see what is happening there with the cities that are attacking them. Would you want to go to Israel?

 That is IsraelThis is Israel's flag


I'd go to Germany. I'd go because I like their soccer team and I'm part German. I'd go with Landon, Nick, Luke, and my Mom. I'd go to one of their soccer games and stay in a hotel and swim in the pool if they had one, and watch T.V. What I'd watch would be beyblade, and slugterra.

Where would you go?

German Eagle by solomonsk

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Florida Hotspot

by Andrew
If I could go anywhere, I would go to Florida. The reason I would want to go to Florida is because there is so much you can do there. You can go to Disney World and ride some rides, or you could go visit their national parks. If I was going to go to Florida, I would want to go with my WHOLE family, and maybe some of my friends. I would want to go to Disney World right away! I think Disney World is really fun, I like the big Disney Castle there. My first ride I would want go to is Splash Mt. If you could go anywhere, where would you want to go? What would you do? Who would you go with?

Disney World

By Josh
My mom, dad, Roxanne and I would go to Disney World.  It is really cool.  You can go on rides, like the Star Wars ride and other Disney rides.  You can see the castle light up at night and a girl flying in the air.

Las Vegas

By Isaac
I would go to Las Vegas. I will go there because Kobe Bryant lives there and I would bring Olly. I would go there because Kobe plays basketball there. I would go there because it is really hot in LAS VEGAS.  I think there food is really GOOD. It also might be a good place to visit.  Would you like to visit  LAS VEGAS.

West Virginia

By Joel
If I wanted to go anywhere in the world it would be West Virginia. I would go there because It is a beautiful place and you can drive from here to there.
I would go with my family and cousins or just my family.
If i had a week to spend there then I would go to Elakala Falls and Chief Logan Park.
I would want to go there because there is a lot of things to do like go to parks , go to  falls , go to  fishing places , and more . The biggest reason  is because it is a lot warmer there .  My favorite thing to do there is go to different places in West Virginia .  

Where would you go ?   

Elakala falls <http://render.fineartamerica.com/images/images-acrylic-search/15.00/15.00/hangingwire/break/images-medium-5/elakala-falls-number-2-shelly-gunderson.jpg>

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

4th Grade Bloggers 2015

Over the past two months (we had to take a month off for testing and spring break, unfortunately) we have been learning how to blog.  We started by blogging on paper using the resources discussed in my Blog Buster presentation from MACUL 2015.  The students designed their own paper blog, then practiced commenting using post-it notes.  Once they had mastered this, we moved our blogging to the computer.  The gentlemen in the class wrote their rough drafts using Google Docs.  We then did peer editing by sharing the docs, and added pictures using the Google Research Tool.  Finally, when they had completed their revisions and were confident their post was their best work, they emailed their post to the classroom blog.  I hope you all enjoy reading and commenting on their posts.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Digital Citizenship

We have been working hard on our Digital Citizenship skills this quarter.  The 3-5 grade students have been working their way through the Digital Passport program from Common Sense Media.  This program teaches students the stills they need to deal with communicating and multi-tasking, privacy issues, cyberbullying, searching the web, and creative credit.