Thursday, November 19, 2015

I am Thankful Presentations

The 2nd-4th graders have been spending November exploring things we are thankful for.  Here are the presentations they have created:

2nd/3rd Grade Presentation
4th Grade Presentation

Monday, June 1, 2015

Problem Solvers: Problems with Gaming

By: Oliver

This is not a commercial.  You do not need to introduce yourself.  Just clearly state your problem.  
Now first things first, how are these kinds of games made like this? This mostly happens when christmas is around the corner and they want to get it what is “it?”out fast. They're not thinking about how the finished game this doesn’t make sense. Now lets move on to the next problem, the story of the game.Mostly the stories in these kinds of games have many things left out of the story that will make it more interesting, like a new villan, new heros and things like that. The last problem is they take away old things that people liked  For example, character traits, old power ups and characters are things that often get changed or removed. I think video games can be fun, but it takes a long time to make one, so keep these things in mind when you're making your very own game.

Problem Solvers: We Make Trash Cans for a Reason

By: Andrew

I’m going to be talking about one of the biggest problem in our community...pollution. People don’t think pollution is that bad, some people don’t care about pollution at all, but they don’t see what they’re doing to the environment around us. Those people don’t see what it does to our lives. Pollution can cause problems like making it hard to breath. Polluting is bad for wildlife, it makes our plants sick or unhealthy, and unhealthy plants don’t produce good fruit. So if you or someone you know pollutes, remember it’s not doing you any good. Do you or someone you know pollute? If so are you trying to prevent it?

Problem Solvers: Stop Pollution

By: Jared
I think people should stop pollution all around the world. I think people especially should stop throwing thing in the Great Lakes because if you throw oil in the lake you might kill the fish in the Great Lakes and destroy Michigan’s  territory.What is another reason?  Do you think pollution should be stopped?

We now know chemicals that

Problem Solver: Pollution

By: Landon
Pollution is really bad for the world. One way we can get rid of pollution is to start a program where people help pick up trash. People all around the world can help out with it. We all need to help out with this because it is ruining this earth. Would you help out with putting a stop to pollution?


Water Pollution

Problem Solvers: Too Much School

By: Joel Fazal

One problem that needs a solution to is too much school. I think that there should be less school days depending on the grade each person is in.  For example, kindergarten should do how many school days they are because they do not have as much pressure as first grade and higher do .

For that reason, I do believe that first grade’s end of the school year should be on May 20, second grade’s end should be at May 15, third grade’s should be at May 10, fourth grade’s should be at May 5,  fifth grade’s should end at May 1, and middle school and up should stay until May 1.

Not only is there too much pressure, students also should relax their brains so that they can remember better and potentially do better on their tests. Naturally, students will get better grades and will be satisfied with their grades so they will be motivated to do the same next time. For those reasons I think the school year should be shorter .     


Problem Solvers: Stop Smoking!

By Josh

Don’t smoke, it is really bad.  Smoking is not good for the air and everyone could die.  It is bad to your body systems.  You can get sick and you will have to go to the hospital.  If you want to stay alive, don’t smoke.  Throw the smoking stuff away.  It is bad for you to smoke.  I want it to stop.      

Problem Solvers: Don't Take Illegal Drugs

By: Luke                                                                                                                                                             I think we should stop taking illegal drugs because they are bad for you and they make you crazy.They make you do things really bad like hurting people and killing people.People should stop taking them. Don’t take illegal drugs and do you know why you shouldn't take drugs.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Going to China

By Luke

First I will go to China because I like Chinese food. I will name some of the foods I like. They are noodles, shrimp and chicken. The people who would go  with me are my brother, my sister, my mom and my dad. What will I do there is go to a karate match.  That is where I will go.  

chinese food

Where would you go?

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