Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Everybody is Christians

Written by Stephen

If I could change the world I would make everybody Christians by inviting them all  to church and for everyone to have a bible and read  it every day. A Lot of people can be nice and friendly but some of the characteristics of Christian are that they respect others. They are nice  because they love others. A Christians acts nice and treat people with respect.  If everybody was Christians then everybody would  go to heaven and go to church. I would worship Jesus with my family and church. I think this change needs to be made in this world because everyone needs to believe in Jesus because He is our Savior. He died for us and took our sin on Himself. He loves us so we should love Him. What do you think? Do you agree that everyone should be Christians?

My Single Wish

Written by AnnaLea

If I could change something in the world it would be for all people to be nice to each other.  If everyone was nice to each other life would be a lot easier for all people. It would be easier because people would not be bullied and they would not be grumpy and effect other people because of their mood.

Another way I would change the world is I would make sure there was a cure for every sickness.  If all sickness were cured, no one would be in pain or be unhappy.  Also everyone would feel good and be healthy and be able to do a lot of fun things.
That is what I would change about the world. What would you change about the world?

Save the Animals

Written by Sophia

I often wonder what people would do if they could change one thing about the world. Would they make themselves rich, or stop world hunger? If it were up to me, I would stop people from killing endangered animals. Animals shouldn't be killed just because they look cool, or have something we want. That seems pretty selfish to me.  Even though a tiger looks cool doesn't mean we have to kill it just to make a rug. They deserve to live just as much as we do. It is ok to kill other animals as long as you don’t do it a lot. So next time you want birds nest soup or a cool rug think about how this affects the animals that were  used to make it. Is it really worth taking something from an animal that would last a lifetime for a bowl of soup that will last you a hour? Or an animal skin rug that will last you until it is gone that could have lasted a lifetime?


Written by Teah

If I could change the world I would  make sure that everyone would have a house to live in. I would want everyone to have a house because people who do not have the money to buy a house or an apartment have no place to live. People should be able to have a  good job without having a college education so they will have food, shelter, warm water to take a shower, and cold, clean water to drink. I think the government should lower taxes so it would not be so expensive to live in a home and to buy a home. People should have a chance to live in a nice and clean and affordable home in a nice neighborhood.

Everyone to believe in God/Jesus

Written by Dawson

Since Jesus died for us there is no reason we should not love him, so, believe! Be saved! God gave us food ,water , shelter, and our family and friends. If you do not believe,  something that could help is to go to a local church or talk to a leader at your local church or even better , pray to God. Your local church, if you are new, will always help you. Miracles are not a super rare thing, some people get healed even from cancer! Once at bethel church (lots of miracles happen here) someone with a metal plate in his arm, had his arm completely healed and his metal plate disappeared! They took an X-ray and the metal was gone! Reading the bible answers many questions, some even have page numbers in the fronts of the book for questions or situations. God loves you, do you love Him?

How I Would Change the World

Written by Andrew

If I could change the world I would take sin away and make everyone a Christian. If  everyone were Christian, then they would all go to heaven and live eternal life with God and Jesus. Nobody will get hurt because the world will be perfect.  There would be no bullies or mean people in the world.  Everyone would have a friend and have fun with everyone, because nobody would be mean and we would have God to help us.


Written by Robert

If I could change the world. I would make everyone recycle because you can put everything that is not trash in the recycling bin. You would also be saving energy because it takes more energy to make something new. If you buy a plastic container  when you need it, but it breaks and you don’t know what you can do with it, recycle it! Save our resources! If a phone breaks, you can recycle it to help make a new phone. If you do recycle, we will save our resources. Do you recycle?

Tuesday, May 17, 2016


By: Isaac

I would go to a beach filled island and stay for the whole summer. The island would have little dinos as room service and they would be as smart as humans and they would be cute. There would be a dinosaur park to visit, with water parks. There would be small towns  but they would have mini versions of the world's landmarks like the Statue of Liberty and the Leaning Tower of Pisa. There would be surfing  contests and the whole island would be solar powered and wind powered. You'd be able to get a dino friend that would give you a tour. And a movie theater that is free and it would have all the movies in existence with free popcorn. There would be a studio called mini wood where you can make your own movies for free. Would you go on this vacation?  

What A Summer

By: Marissa

What I would like to do for my summer vacation is to go on a cruise in Florida. When I first get on the big ship I will explore it. I’m sure I will see some of the Disney characters on the ship so I will get a picture with them. I will get my suit on and go swimming and go on some of the slides. There is a kids club that is on the ship as well. Later in the day I will go to the dance floor. I love so many songs so they might play lots of songs that I like. The ship has free ice cream that you can get when ever. I would get ice cream a lot. I love ice cream. When the sun starts to set I will so and look at the ocean, and see if I can see any dolphins. They always come out when the ocean is wavey. Then I would walk around the ship with my family. When I am done walking around and maybe playing I will go to bed and watch some tv till I get tired and fall asleep.

 When I wake up from all of that good sleep I will get off of the ship because we have arrived at our first destination. It is the Bahamas! It is so beautiful there. Nice blue skies. Beautiful palm trees. The smell of fresh coconut smoothies. It is amazing. The first thing I will do is I will Get my bathing suit on and go swimming in the ocean. I would love to find some pieces of coral that have broken of of the coral plant and have flown into the reef. I would also try to find some cool seashells and give some to my friends when I would get back home. I would still have some for me of course. Then Me and my family would go to a dolphin petting, kissing, feed, and do tricks with them. That would take about an hour s then we would go on a boat ride and find dolphins in the ocean that don't belong to the people that train them.Then at the end of the day we will get back on the big ship and go to our next destination. It takes the whole night and morning to get there.

Now it is morning and we have arrived. We are at disney's private island in Florida. There island is called Cast Away Key. They also have an ocean that you can go and relax, and swim at.They have so many activities that you can do. They are all so much fun. There is also free ice cream that you can get whenever you want some. When we are all done at the island we get back on the boat we will head back to where we came from and fly back home. We have to take two planes to get home and also to get to florida. That is what my favorite summer would be. What would your favorite summer be?