Monday, October 14, 2013

Computer Class Update: Week 5

We had another fun and educational week in Computer Class.  Students have been finishing their projects about the rules of the lab, learning how to be good Digital Citizens, working on their typing and beginning to learn the parts of the computer.

First Grade: Finished our unit on Parts of the Computer, and took a quiz on the computer parts.  Our next lesson will work on learning how to use a word processing program.

Second Grade: We finished learning about the parts of the computer, including watching a video on the parts of the computer, and playing a game at  This week we will be discussing care and proper hygiene in the computer lab.

Third Grade: We worked on our group presentation for the commandments of the lab using Google Presentations.  This week we will edit our presentations and begin our digital passport project.  To check out the project, click here.

Fourth and Fifth Grade: Last week we discussed cell phone use and the hazards of multi-tasking.  We also played a game called Twalkers and part of our digital passport project.  To check out the project, click here.