Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Computer Class Update: Weeks 17-19

What a month it has been! Between all these snow days, we were able to fit in a few computer classes. Here is what we are working on....

First Grade:
Follow the Digital Trail from Common Sense Media
Screen out the Mean from Common Sense Media
The students have been learning that every time we interact on the Internet we leave a footprint.  We discussed what information would be okay to share online (ex: your favorite color) and what information needs to be kept private (ex: your full name and passwords).
We have also started learning that it is very important to treat others respectfully online, and also what to do if someone is treating us in a non-God pleasing way.

Second Grade:
Our lessons the last couple weeks have focused on the importance of keeping our private information private when online.  The students discussed which information they need to keep private, and what is okay to share.  They also played a couple online games, which can be found on the Project Resources tab under 2nd grade, to help practice this skill.

Third Grade:
Rings of Responsibility from Common Sense Media
The third graders completed their New Years Resolution presentation and began a lesson on the Rings of Responsibility.  In this lesson, they learned about ways they are responsible for themselves, their friends and family, and the community at large.

Fourth Grade:
The fourth graders are in the midst of a very exciting project.  They are learning how to become respectful, responsible bloggers!  During this lesson, they wrote their own paper blog post.  We then discussed the art of commenting and practiced by using post-it notes to comment on our classmates blogs.  The students have been developing wonderful writing skills, such as how to disagree in a respectful way and how to back up their thoughts with facts and evidence.  Next week we will be taking our project to the next step by practicing commenting on the comments in order to further conversation.  The goal at the end of this project will be for the students to be able to respond to posts on our classroom blog, as well as discuss the topic via the comment feature with their classmates.

Fifth Grade:
Talking Safely Online from Common Sense Media
The fifth graders had some wonderful discussions this week about who is and is not safe to talk to online. They discussed the difference between an Internet only friend, and an in-person friend. We discussed what information should ALWAYS be kept private and what to do if someone online started asking them for private information. To culminate this project, the students created posters using LucidPress to illustrate what information should be kept private and what is okay to share.