Friday, November 19, 2010

Newsletter for November 19, 2010

Dear Families,

It was wonderful meeting with all of you at conferences.  Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedules to come in and meet with me.  You are a great group of parents!

Here is what's been happening over the past week and what is planned for next week.

What's Up!

·         Reading/Writing: This week we read the story Dancing Rainbows.  We discussed the strategy of evaluating the author’s intent.  This includes discussing what the author’s purpose was for writing the story. For writing the students have been pretending to be turkeys and their job is to convince people not to eat turkey on Thanksgiving.  This has been a very fun paper to write!  Next week we will be doing further editing and creating our final copies to display in the hall.  Next week students will taking our Theme 2 reading test.  The week after Thanksgiving, we will be starting Theme 3 by reading Dogzilla.  This is a very humorous story and one of the students’ favorites!

·         Spelling: Next week: None; The week after Thanksgiving: words from Dogzilla (See Attachment)

·         Vocabulary: Next week: None; The week after Thanksgiving: words from Dogzilla (See Attachment)

·         Math: This week we continued our study of subtracting larger numbers, including how to subtract when the top number includes zeros.  This can be tricky, but most students are catching on well.  Remember that any practice you can do at home concerning basic addition and subtraction facts will help!  Don’t forget you can view the text book online by going to  

·         Science: This week we continued to explore our animal unit.  We began learning about birds with a fantastic presentation by bird lover Russ Schipper.  He brought in real mounted birds, feathers and pictures for students to learn about and explore.  He also had a tape of bird calls the students were able to listen to.  The children were highly engaged in the presentation and we may have several budding ornithologist on our hands.  Ask your child about the presentation.  I am sure they will have a thing or two to share.  In science class we studied birds and some of their adaptations (different types of feet and beaks). Third graders used this knowledge to create their own birds.  We also went outside to the Amberly woods and looked for animals, animal homes, and signs of animals.

·         Social Studies: This week we continued to learn about the states in the Southern Region. In addition, everyone made a trading card about a different state.  Please help your child study the location and capitals for the southern states.  A great website for students to use to practice is

·         Keyboarding:  We continue to work on our keyboarding skills.  Ask your student about how they are to remember where the keys are located!  This week we explored the program Microsoft PowerPoint.  Students made Power Point presentations describing things for which they were thankful.

Report Cards and Conferences

It was wonderful meeting with all of you this week.  I really am having a wonderful time with this group of kids.  Thank you for sharing them with me and for being such great partners in their education.  If you have any questions that you forgot to ask during conferences, just jot me an email and I would be happy to get back with you.

If you have not signed and returned your child’s report card envelope yet, please do so ASAP.  We will need these for second quarter report cards.  Thanks!


Our current word is PERSEVERANCE.  The students once again must keep at least one letter in order to participate in our fun activity on next Tuesday, November 23rd.  Please remind your child of your expectations and the Amberly High 5. 

Imathination Assembly

All students attended this fun and informative assembly about math and its many uses in “real life”.

No Newsletter Next Week: There will be no newsletter sent home next week do to the shortened week.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Dates to Remember

·         November 23 – Perseverance Reward Party

·         November 24-26 – No School: Thanksgiving Recess

·         December 1 – Star Student Lunch at 11:15 in the Activity Area

·         December 20 – 31 – No School: Winter Recess

·         January 3 – School Resumes

As always, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you and have a great weekend!

Mrs. Jessica Winstanley


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