Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Everyone to believe in God/Jesus

Written by Dawson

Since Jesus died for us there is no reason we should not love him, so, believe! Be saved! God gave us food ,water , shelter, and our family and friends. If you do not believe,  something that could help is to go to a local church or talk to a leader at your local church or even better , pray to God. Your local church, if you are new, will always help you. Miracles are not a super rare thing, some people get healed even from cancer! Once at bethel church (lots of miracles happen here) someone with a metal plate in his arm, had his arm completely healed and his metal plate disappeared! They took an X-ray and the metal was gone! Reading the bible answers many questions, some even have page numbers in the fronts of the book for questions or situations. God loves you, do you love Him?

1 comment:

  1. Is the story about the plate really true? That is amazing I love Jesus because he saved us. Do you read the bible?