Tuesday, May 1, 2018


Written by Teah

If I could change the world I would  make sure that everyone would have a house to live in. I would want everyone to have a house because people who do not have the money to buy a house or an apartment have no place to live. People should be able to have a  good job without having a college education so they will have food, shelter, warm water to take a shower, and cold, clean water to drink. I think the government should lower taxes so it would not be so expensive to live in a home and to buy a home. People should have a chance to live in a nice and clean and affordable home in a nice neighborhood.


  1. I like when you said you want everyone to have a house. Id there any way people could help solve this problem?

  2. I agree with you on lowering taxes and making houses affordable because everybody should have a nice house. You had a helpful blog post because everybody should have a house and education.